Strongly influenced by the DIY ethos of the early punk scene, Wes Hurley makes feature films, music videos and theatrical video installations featuring some of Seattle’s brightest talent.  His films, including the award-winning documentary “Waxie Moon”, now available on DVD, have screened around the world.  His narrative feature “Fallen Jewel” premiered in Tel Aviv in 2012 and since then has been translated into Japanese and became a Seattle cult favorite.  The Central Cinema screens “Fallen Jewel” every month to a packed house.  The screenings encourage audience participation and always include a live theater component.  Past hosts and guest performers at “Fallen Jewel” screenings include such world-class acts as Jinkx Monsoon, Jett Adore and Sarah Rudinoff.   If you live in Seattle, check for upcoming screenings at the Central Cinema.  Hurley is currently writing his next two feature films, working on several shorts and doing video/oral history for “These Streets”, a project about Seattle women rockers during the grunge era, which is going to be archived at the University of Washington.

from "Be WIthout You" a film by Wes Hurley and Amy O'Neal

from “Be Without You” a film by Wes Hurley and Amy O’Neal

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