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My new series “Capitol Hill” premieres on Huffington Post

This week we released the first episode of the new series I’ve written, directed, produced and edited. “Capitol Hill” is hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race’ BenDeLaCreme and starts my muse, Waxie Moon, along with many incredible performers.

I’m deeply in love with American TV of the ’70s-’80s and “Capitol Hill” is my parody/homage of those shows, especially the evening soap operas and detective/adventure genre. Of course, having wonderful gender-blending Waxie play the main role really turns everything on its head.

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City Arts Magazine features “Capitol Hill”

The March issue of City Arts just came out and it has a wonderful piece about my new webseries “Capitol Hill”. Not only that, but the cover is graced with a beautiful image of one of our stars – performer and choreographer, Zoe Scofield:

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“Peter and the Wolf” coming to Melbourne

My short “Peter and the Wolf” is heading to Melbourne next. I’m happy it’s screening in a great company with my friend Guy Shalem’s “Ronny and I” and Frank Helmer’s wonderful “The Forest”

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If you live in Seattle (or driving distance from it), don’t miss this show. Really, it’s one of the best nights of live entertainment you can gift yourself and your loved ones. Fantastic performances by some of burlesque’s brightest stars accompanied by live band and Sarah Rudinoff’s out-of-this-world vocals.

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My new series “Capitol Hill” starring Waxie Moon and Robbie Turner and presented by BenDeLaCreme is coming out very soon. Here’s our first piece of press:

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My “Waxie Moon” documentary will have its UK premiere very soon. Also screening are some of my shorts including “Zolushka” starring Colby Keller. Read this wonderful article by Ben Walters about Waxie Moon and this event:

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City Arts 2013 Artist of the Year

City Arts 2013 Artist of the Year

I was honored to be selected as one of the artists of the year by City Arts Magazine along with Macklemore, Jinkx Monsoon and Megan Griffiths.

Read more here:

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My article featured on Huffington Post and

Wes for the article


Seattle Gay News’ Shaun Knittel asked me to write a piece about growing up gay in Russia. Since then the article has been picked up by Huffington Post and Out Magazine online:

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New poster for “Fallen Jewel”

Enjoy this hilarious “Fallen Jewel” poster by the very talented Fazaad Feroze, featuring Waxie Moon as Waxie Moon, Sarah Rudinoff as the sex kitten maid Betsy, Nick Garrison as Klaus Nomi, Lou Henry Hoover as himself, Sage Price as Cliff, Inga Ingenue as Daughter, John Osebold as Caine Blackwell and Jackie Hell as the Seattle’s sexiest sapphic vixen.

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The Burlesque Hall of Fame 2013


Thanks to the wonderful Paula the Swedish Housewife, who dressed up as a sexy nurse for our flight to Vegas, I was able to overcome my debilitating fear of planes and made it to the Sin City in less than 3 hours (as opposed to a day and a half it usually takes me by greyhound or Amtrak).

The performances at BHOF were truly inspiring, with some so classic they transported you into some imaginary Hollywood era and others so innovative they would fit right in at a performance art venue.  But regardless of style, the overall quality of talent was consistently as good as the best theater I’ve ever seen.  As is usually the case with burlesque, costumes were the performers’ co-stars, each one as luscious and stunning as a Faberge egg.  Some narrow-minded critics dismiss burlesque as a lower art form because of the emphasis most performers put on costumes.  But to anyone with a brain, it’s clear that this marriage of high fashion craftsmanship and performance is a great example of cross-discipline artistic collaboration, in this case, between the costume designer and the dancer.

I was thrilled when my dear friend, Paula the Swedish Housewife, received an award for her great contributions to the world of neo-burlesque.  Paula is the Gertrude Stein of today’s cabaret world – bringing together, inspiring and nurturing some of the greatest performers of our time.  Seattle is very lucky to have her.

On Sunday, Dita Von Teese showed up to present an award to her friend and mentor, Catherine D’Lish.  I used the opportunity to take this picture with Teese.  I also got to hang out with some new and old friends, including Dirty Martini, Tigger! Selene Luna, Lou Henry Hoover, Ruby Mimosa, Kitten LaRue, Lucky Penny, Deirdre and Jack Timmons and many others.  I would highly recommend attending BHOF to anyone and everyone.  In the words of Waxie’s father: “It’s better than Superbowl!”

Wes Hurley and Dita Von Teese

Wes Hurley and Dita Von TeeseIMAG0902