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Wes Hurley interviewed on “The Sewers of Paris” podcast

Jason Carter and Robbie Turner in a scene from "Capitol Hill" Season 2

Jason Carter and Robbie Turner in a scene from “Capitol Hill” Season 2

Matt Baume interviews Wes Hurley for “The Sewers of Paris” podcast: http://www.mattbaume.com/sewers-shownotes/2015/11/4/mom-im-super-gay-ep-33-80s-films

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“Capitol Hill” on OUT Magazine

We’ve made it on OUT Magazine. “Capitol Hill” has been the most popular story on Out.com since last night: http://www.out.com/entertainment/popnography/2014/03/27/watch-new-web-series-hosted-rpdrs-bendelacreme

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“Monarch Review” interviews me about “Capitol Hill”

Very happy about this interview “Monarch Review” did with me.

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My new series “Capitol Hill” premieres on Huffington Post


This week we released the first episode of the new series I’ve written, directed, produced and edited. “Capitol Hill” is hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race’ BenDeLaCreme and starts my muse, Waxie Moon, along with many incredible performers.

I’m deeply in love with American TV of the ’70s-’80s and “Capitol Hill” is my parody/homage of those shows, especially the evening soap operas and detective/adventure genre. Of course, having wonderful gender-blending Waxie play the main role really turns everything on its head.

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City Arts Magazine features “Capitol Hill”

The March issue of City Arts just came out and it has a wonderful piece about my new webseries “Capitol Hill”. Not only that, but the cover is graced with a beautiful image of one of our stars – performer and choreographer, Zoe Scofield: http://www.cityartsonline.com/articles/web-series-goes-melodrama

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If you live in Seattle (or driving distance from it), don’t miss this show. Really, it’s one of the best nights of live entertainment you can gift yourself and your loved ones. Fantastic performances by some of burlesque’s brightest stars accompanied by live band and Sarah Rudinoff’s out-of-this-world vocals. https://www.facebook.com/events/795708893789602/

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My new series “Capitol Hill” starring Waxie Moon and Robbie Turner and presented by BenDeLaCreme is coming out very soon. Here’s our first piece of press: http://www.capitolhillseattle.com/2014/02/capitol-hill-gets-its-own-web-series-from-the-minds-of-wes-hurley-and-waxie-moon/

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My “Waxie Moon” documentary will have its UK premiere very soon. Also screening are some of my shorts including “Zolushka” starring Colby Keller. Read this wonderful article by Ben Walters about Waxie Moon and this event: http://www.nottelevision.net/five-reasons-need-meet-waxie-moon/

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New poster for “Fallen Jewel”

Enjoy this hilarious “Fallen Jewel” poster by the very talented Fazaad Feroze, featuring Waxie Moon as Waxie Moon, Sarah Rudinoff as the sex kitten maid Betsy, Nick Garrison as Klaus Nomi, Lou Henry Hoover as himself, Sage Price as Cliff, Inga Ingenue as Daughter, John Osebold as Caine Blackwell and Jackie Hell as the Seattle’s sexiest sapphic vixen.

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